breakdown of the middle ground.

Shopping gay…

A California proposition has become a bicoastal fight for equality. At this point every state has become more than aware that California voters, by a majority, voted to change history and do an about face on a civil rights issue. This proposition decision elected to reverse the California Supreme court verdict that earlier this year legalized same sex marriages. Outrage has spread throughout the country and Americans coast to coast have

been showing their support of the GLBT community in numerous facets.



Boycotts of business that have been “outed” as supporters against the cause

Now the Human Rights Campaign Foundation has released “Buying for Equality 2009”

A buyer’s guide for the holiday season that recognizes and proudly directs consumers to companies and business that have received 100percent scores on their Corporate Equality Index.

“With this year’s economy, we need to make sure every dollar we spend goes to businesses that have earned the right to call you a customer,” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese. “Fairness is good business.”

Unlike Vegas, what happens in California does not stay in California, so to the rest of the US let me just say that the show is just beginning because they’re here, they’re queer, and they’re not taking it anymore, game set, tickets please.

–Eliza Barnett


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