breakdown of the middle ground.

Warning: politically incorrect mini story!

And the white lady asked the black lady innocently enough “Aren’t you proud of who our President Elect is?”

The black woman thought, I’m as proud as you are my fellow American. But answered, “Nah, I voted for McCain…”

James Logan’s November 5th, 2008 post on, brought up the discussion America yes or no electing their first African American President, in Barack Obama. This is an issue that I’ve continually grappled with. As America celebrates our progression as a nation (which should be commended don’t get me wrong!), I can’t help but wonder when we’re going to actually get past this “one drop” concept?

The one drop rule years ago was described as what made a person Black and not White, even when it was a fraction of someone’s background. White was the model all races where compared to, and to mix it was to taint it.

Obama is more than one drop African, but he’s no more black than he is white. Let’s not forget that. Why is it that if your skin tone visually presents that you are of a mixed heritage, the dominate pigment defines you to the public? Its like only race wants to stand up and claim you.

Biracial Americans talk about Obama

Biracial means having parents of two different races or who can trace their family tree to two different races. For example both sides of my family can trace our background to Africans and Native Americans. And everyday that someone is born the melting pot that is American society is only going to get larger. Race manifests itself on a daily basis no matter who you are—in obvious and understated ways. 3% of the American population (over 7million) is identified as multi or biracial.

I want to live to see the day that everyone of them will be able to proudly proclaim their entire ethnic makeup without someone claiming that by doing so they are disregarding another race. Claiming both and being proud isn’t showing favoritism or a disregard. Its saying hey mom or dad I love where you came from because you make me who I am.

(Which is fascinating plus hot!)

–Maggie Barnes


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  1. Congratulations on Your 1st Post! Obama would be proud no matter what race you are, lol.

    Noah ‘N DOT C’ Castillo

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