breakdown of the middle ground.

Bipartisan-say what?!

If I could put together a bipartisan coalition to confront my landlord on the lack of heating to myself and fellow building residents, I wonder if then she would turn on the heat! I’ve submitted to cold by California standards, so is it too much to ask to comfortably walk around in shorts and a tank top without the aid of a blanket? I want our new energy efficient heating system–and I want it now!!

Now on to more important things, such as my quest to understand the concept of bipartisanship and its place in the government and society. By definition the word is a description meaning consisting of, or supported by members of two political parties. With that loose explanation I first think of the Senate and House of Representative because it’s compiled of members of both parties working on interests regarding the nation. But what’s all this talk about Democrats taking the house? Or the Republican agenda?

So, I strongly suggest taking a gander at Glenn Greenwald’s recent discussion on the topic: , then perhaps President-Elect Obama’s recent online video, apart of the ChangeDotGov series, regarding a climate summit, will make a little more sense.


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