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Britney Spears + tree lights = Happy Holidays from coast to coast!

This week Ms. Spears was on hand at not one, but two holiday Christmas lighting extravaganzas. There she illustrated why LA people are so different from New Yorkers. (Because no one already knew that or anything…)

New York’s lighting event occurred first (much like everything else with that time difference of theirs!) Britney wore black, was near newscasters and there was (wait for it….!) an ACTUAL tree there.


Credit : Doug Meszler / WENN


Fast forward to Los Angeles on the 4th and she brings out the white coat and is surrounded by an actor, a football coach, and California’s own-trying-to-be-green Mayor, and (the kicker folks!) a FAKE tree. Because that’s just how we roll ladies and gentlemen. As if people didn’t think California was full of enough fake things! A lovely silver metal frame with 11,000 LED spheres, with changing digital colors, will now start a potential California traditional.


Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images


New York I see your same colored display of lights through the month of December, and raise you a “lighting show” with video and sound that will run at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm and 10pm daily through December 31.

Check mate.

—Maggie Barnes


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