breakdown of the middle ground.

West Coast to East Coast—this is your BICOASTAL mini-news update

Dec. 6thThe Washington D.C. Council is allowing bars to serve alcohol on Inauguration night until 5 A.M.

Dec. 6thI didn’t expect to get TB with my bus pass this week… In D.C. a MetroAccess press release admitted today that one of their drivers tested positive for tuberculosis. The driver was removed from duty in Oct. but over 700 people may have been exposed to airborne disease.

Dec. 7th Bullets for peas please! At the request of area residents, Compton’s annual Gifts for Guns program, orchestrated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, will be giving $100 supermarket gift cards to those who surrender firearms. Mac and Cheese never killed anyone.

Source: © 2008 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved

Dec. 8th Borders (yay!) offers free 3-8 day shipping. Barnes and Noble (boo!) promises free 3-day delivery. But of traditional in store business- is backed up like nobodies business! So keep placing those orders and cross you fingers that the Amazon Santa Claus makes it on time. In other news, coal recipients won’t be complaining.

For more details go to:

Dec. 8th Dear vendors in California—IOU payment.


The State of California

p.s Send valium—a depression may be coming!

Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa spent the day Washington D.C. asking the new State Legislature for federal money from their special budget.

Dec.8thPuppies: saver of lives and great Christmas present! Three year old Jaylynn Thorpe of Halifax County, Virginia spent days lost in the woods after wandering away from his babysitter. When he was found the youngster claimed that the two puppies he’d taken with him, had kept him warm. (What kind of babysitter loses a kid and two dogs??)

Dec. 10thIn NYC, man fakes AIDS test to get laid by his girlfriend…this is a new low…The HIV positive Queens resident is facing police charges.

More details:

Dec. 11thThe “Notorious” Bettie Page dies of Pneumonia. Age 85.

Dec. 12thEww. Bathing in the kitchen sink at KFC. Again, eww.

“Three Anderson, California KFC employees are out of a job, after posing for provocative photos in the restaurant’s kitchen sink.”


Dec.12thAuto Bailout a no go. I guess no one wanted to roll with it. haha. Funny? No..?

—Maggie Barnes


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