breakdown of the middle ground.

What’s my motivation?

Three homeless people approach three separate individuals, on three different occasions.

On one is a war vet who can’t keep a job.

One is a single mom with a young child.

One is all alone on the streets with their dog as their sole companion.

Who would be the first to cause you to stop with your spare change?

I am the product of a single mom household so the mom grabs at my heart strings. One of my friends is an animal rights nonprofit worker, so I’d bet the struggling pet owner would draw her in. Neither of us knows anyone who’s served in a war.

The common denominator here is when people have a personal connection to something or a cause it’s a direct motivator in supporting their reason to actively participate. The majority of backers pushing gay civil right causes are gay themselves. Most forefront celebrity spokespersons for abused women and female rights campaigns and organizations are themselves previously victimized women. And those who take the time to organize inner city programs to aid students with educational circumstantial disabilities, have most likely at least seen an inner city, or know someone who has and was moved by the attributes.

In the upcoming posts I will challenge those and ourselves to grapple with why we make these choices verses others and explore how anyone can decide what is more important when its all important.

I’m very patriotic and I’m an animal lover. Maybe I’d give money to each of these three homeless society members. Then what about the guy on the next block, content to live off the grid and make do off the kindness of strangers? Someone tell me what’s my motivation?

—posted by Maggie Barnes


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