breakdown of the middle ground.

I respect your motivation.

Back on my soapbox (a saying I dread but apparently use), I’m continually reminded of a comment a close friend of mine made to me when she was pursuing a new career path–this one being in nonprofit regarding animals. I was excited at her new job prospects, but quizzical when she debated how some might view her decision to work with animals versus people. I’m eminently concerned with worldwide human rights issues, but animals need love to-if people don’t help them who will? It never crossed my mind that one could be viewed as more important than the other in terms of helping. But say you had the chance to either save your brother in a burning fire or your beloved family dog. You clearly should opt for the brother (no matter how annoying he may be! J ). Personally I commend any and everyone that recognizes an issue or problem and becomes apart of that platform to work on remedying the situation. Whose place is it say that saving whales isn’t that important, or that a PETA member doesn’t care as much about children dying in Dafur?

There are so many organizations for so many specific reasons, all of which addressing concerns someone at least considers valuable and important. I may have not heard of such a strife before, so wouldn’t the correct course of action to be to commend them for being this plight to the surface? Human Trafficking has recently been brought more to the forefront in recent years, a situation I had no idea could or even would be able to occur in present day society. I may not be able to financially be able to support the cause, but you can bet it only took one Lifetime movie about the subject to make me aware and on the lookout of possible situations that could very well be happening around me.

Knowing is the key.

If you don’t know about something how can you do anything about it?

Millions of kidnapping victims have been found because signs of suspicious behavior to look out for have been explained to us. We’re aware of organizations that cater to assisting abused women and children. There’s a support group out there for everything under the sun!! And that’s okay. To any one that has ever looked down upon someone’s participation or support of a cause you deem “less than important compared to something else” I say SHAME ON YOU! Your order of help hierarchy is organized differently, but if honest to goodness help is the goal attempted to be provided-then you hush down! (That being said, any group that aims to unite in the harming or persecution of anyone, I am ALL FOR HATING ON THEM!! BOO ethic cleansing groups, and people bashing based on personal preferences. I can spot harmful groups a mile away!) Living in a world consumed by people only concerned with themselves, I cannot do anything but respect someone who makes their voice heard in their effort to help any creature. I heart trees and old buildings too. If it matters to even one person, I can at least respect that, and so should you.

—Posted by Maggie Barnes


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