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Perfect Face is a bi-race! (hey that’s what Newsweek said…)

Fresh on the heels of seeing Slumdog Millionaire-which I cannot stop raving about because it’s fantastic! And this was soon after my first experience with Indian food, and on the heels of a Bollywood infused workout. Clearly I have India on the brain! So in the spirit of this blog, I sought out information on the presence of biracial Indian Americans.  And that presence in vast! I had no idea…

Back in 1680, the appearance of a biracial Indian American was not so much though. According to Francis C. Assisi (for more information:, he’s researched the earliest Indian American to be Mary Fisher. Born in 1680 in Maryland, she was the daughter of an Irish mother and Indian father.

The times have certainly changed. As of the 2000 national census within the reported 6.8 million multiracial Americans, 12 percent of the 1.9million Indians in America identified themselves as multiracial. That’s 220,000 Indian Americans or one in nine; however you want to count it. On the website Little India they provide a more in depth discussion regarding the current redefinition of the Indian American.

Interracial marriages on are in rise especially within the second generation Indians who while born in India, were raised in America. When migration from India began increasing many Indians were already adults, so more than 90% married other Indians. But among the American born and those who came here in their younger years, 30% of their marriages are biracial. “If current trends hold, a majority of second generation Indian marriages will be biracial by 2020.” (

In 2006, an award winning article on multi-ethnic society (www. the author examines how “Almost 40,000 of the biracial Indians identified themselves with one other Asian category and another 120,000 with Whites. The rest were mostly African American or Hispanic Asian Indian Americans.”

A previous issues of Newsweek featured supermodel Saira Mohan on their cover with the heading “The Perfect Face” Her father is Indian and her mother is French Irish Canadian.


Global looks are increasingly the rage in Hollywood, but I’m more fascinated by the cultural impact this continues to bring to bring to the melting pot within America. I’ve always had this thing for learning about other cultures and how they mix it up in western society. Maybe that’s why I like writing about biracialism…maybe…or maybe I just think multiethnic backgrounds are universallyattractive. A little of both I suppose…

—posted by Maggie Barnes


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