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Got a case of the love bipolar

On Wednesday in the rants and raves section of I came across someone who had a lot of ranting and raving to get off their chest. It went a bit like this:

“Is it just me or does 3 out of 4 people in Los Angeles bipolar?”

Like what the fuck? Is it the water? Is it the air?

Bipolar disorder doesn’t discriminate. If you met someone who is fucked up, chances are they are bipolar. It seems that bipolar is more common in women than men. It’s almost like a trend. It’s such a turnoff. Finding out someone is bipolar kills it all. You know you are destined for DRAMA in any situation. I have met schizos, pedos, pyschos, etc but bipolar people are the worse. Sometimes I think they should just fucking kill themselves and save people the stress and money of living.

I think bipolar people milk their disease for all it’s worth. I don’t know much about it but I do know that people have a choice to let their disease control them or control their disease. I don’t know how people with bipolar relatives deal with it. If I knew that I was pregnant with a child who was going to be bipolar, I’d get an abortion or throw myself down a flight of stairs.”

Give or take a couple lines…but WOW.  Excuse the vulgar words, they aren’t mine!

Here is someone who has apparently had a dating run in with someone bipolar, and from the tone its happened to them more than once and it has yet to go very well. 3 out of 4 people having bipolar is a bit extreme, but it is a fairly common disorder, the odds are actually (according to that approximately 1 in every 100 adults has the disorder. This disorder definitely puts a huge amount of strain on relationships when it is diagnosed and more so when its not diagnosed and goes untreated.

The craigslist poster brought up two interesting points when they say, finding out someone is bipolar kills it, and when they admitted to not knowing much about a disorder. Something about a bipolar person must be appealing, but like any disorder and disease a certain amount of help from their loved ones is going to be necessary. So when do you explain that you’re going to be one of these needful persons?

Dating someone bipolar can be lots of fun because when their up they’re really fun. And that can last for, days, months, even years, until something triggers it down.

An article found on, discusses how fun bipolar personalities can be. They’re spontaneous, flirty, can’t get their hands off of you, organized, creative, loyal, thoughtful, treat you like the best person in the world-who wouldn’t be drawn to that? But then they may hurt your feeling too; they may turn to you when you’re in emotional turmoil, they may need medication, and they may get depressed, spend too much money, and cling to you. ( You don’t really know if you can handle being with this type of person until you are.

Katy Perry’s song Hot and Cold does an excellent job of illustrating a relationship with a bipolar.

(if you don’t click to hear the song, click to read the lyrics)

Then take a quick browse at the ehealthforum ( and you’ll really get a better picture of frustrating good and bad times. No relationship is perfect, but this disorder requires knowledge on a partner’s behalf. They need to know, and you need to know what triggers their cycles of hypomania, mania, and depression, so both parties can be aware the best they can of the onset warning signs. Understand though that with all the work in the world both people may put in a situation may not make it bearable or livable for both to keep their commitments to each other. I say again, all relationships involve people coping with the behavior of others. So those with this disorder may be scared to bring it up, they may lose the chance to get to know someone. The ranter person said, “finding out someone is bipolar kills it.” Okay, can we agree that maybe its not the best first date conversation…

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