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weird, wacky, but true. news from coast to coast part 1

Jan. 28, 2009

–“The Postmaster General asked a Congressional Panel to “end the requirement that the post office deliver mail six days a week,” according to NY1. The U.S.P.S. had a billion dollar deficit last year, because people are sending emails instead of old fashion mail. I know what you’re thinking its going to be Saturday that they cut because they already have short hours that day. But no…they’ve had their eye on Tuesday actually…

–The House of Representatives accepted President Obama’s $819 billion stimulus package. Zero Republicans supported it. Where’s their bipartisan spirit? It’s not just Democrats and Liberals being hit by America’s financial woes, I know plenty of Midwestern Republicans that don’t have any money either.

–Prius owners throughout the LA metro area are silently weeping…the City Council’s transportation committee, in response to the budget issues, is looking at ending the free parking program for hybrid owners.

–Tommy Gunn, AVN’s Male Performer (in the Adult industry) of the Year in 2007, has made use of the same “same technology that was seen in films like Beowulf, Journey to the Center of the Earth and most recently My Bloody Valentine 3D to bring us three dimensional porn.” To create “Cummin’ at You 3D,” the first ever “adult interactive DVD shot in stereoscopic 3D.” Dream Works Animation was apart of this genius endeavor. Personally there are some things I don’t want cumming at me in 3D or real life! Eww.

Jan. 29, 2009

Recently Heath and Deborah Campbell of NYC had their children removed from their home because of safety issues. Well, when you purposely name your children Adolf HItler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, we gotta wonder what is going on in that household.

–Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…Congress passed President Obama’s stimulus bill. $1.5 billion of that money will go directly to the states. Illinois is in line to receive about $105 million. What’s your state getting?

–In Houston, Cinco Ranch High has seen an increase in counterfeit bills through food service. Fake $20 and $50 have been passed through lunch-line registers in at least five district campuses, officials are reporting. The U.S. Secret Service has been contacted. It’s not just the in the schools though, places are over for the past six months have been receiving Monopoly worth money. It’s beginning to be a problem…Well Texas you’re getting back our former President this month, and we all know how good George W. was with money…hahaha burn!

Jan.30, 2009

Today was the first Car Free Day in California. 60 bicyclists got the memo. The rest of LA wonders, if I have a friend with me on a two seat-er bike, or a pull a child on one of those attachments-am I qualified for the car pool lane? Car Free Fridays the last Friday of the month-shhh past it on.

–Only in Cali would a school district opt for producing a clothing line verses a PTA bake sale to earn money. Clothes brought to you in part by the Beverly Hills Unified School District are predicted to be a big hit in Asia because what Asians love 90210?? Interesting…

–The LA Times is cutting the state and local news section and mixing it with the front. I agree with Curbed LA’s comments: “If something happens in Chatsworth, do people in San Pedro care? In other words, in a city that can span 50 miles from top to bottom and in a region that’s much larger than that, how does one be local, useful and relevant to the wider audience?” My answer: Nope.

–Condoleezza is coming! Condoleezza is coming! According to the Stanford Report campus newsletter, Condoleezza Rice is returning to the Bay area to teach Political science at Stanford University. Somehow I’d never have expected that. But next time I’m in town to give my support to the Pride festivities I’m going to give her a huge shout out because we know that colorful area must be super excited to have that Republican back in town…hahaha!

–Speaking of conservatives…Apparently some back stock interviews have revealed that some Pro-Prop 8 groups like the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, who aim to do their best to eliminate all marriages they don’t approve of, were quoted saying, “no one expects these religious adherents or their ministers to be required actually to conduct same-sex marriage ceremonies…” I don’t think the campaign commercials got that note because those commercials totally made it seem like gays were going to be knocking down the church doors to get hitched and everyone was going to freak out!

–Since Monday everyone has been talking about the lady that had a LITTER OF CHILDREN. And how her and her husband live with their OTHER  SIX KIDS,  at the woman’s parents house. While her dad is giving statements to the Associated Press about the “other” huge house they have that the media’s never going to find-all I can think about is, she had six kids (all under the age of 8), in her twenties, lives with her folks, and her and her husband really thought it was a great idea to spend with extra money on fertility treatments? REALLY?? They couldn’t think of anything else to spend that kinda money on? Hate to state the obvious…

–A Newark Valley High School teacher in upstate NY was previously warned by his principal not contact one of his 16 year old female students. John M. Puglisi, 29 didn’t listen. And now the social studies teacher is being sued on one count of “using a cell phone in an effort to engage someone younger than 18 in sexual activity.” He Sex text the girl messages like “naked pictures please” and “these are so hot give me some more baby”

(Maggie’s fake )Update: Prior to the lawsuit the distraught girl was heard on her cell phone saying “Oh hell no! He still didn’t pass me!?”

–Doesn’t Chanel make a pancake scented perfume? A mysterious maple syrup smell has been passing through parts of New York like Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens all month. Tuesday night the smell was all over Hell’s Kitchen and the eastern part of NJ, and even the Bronx.  Pass the Chanel No.30 (Pancake Lover) and call me when its breakfast!

That is so weird! Why does it smell like maple syrup everywhere??? Look it up-past smellings: October 2005, March 2006, November 2006, November 2007, May 2008 and January 5, 2009. That’s so crazy!

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