breakdown of the middle ground.

Random 25

(Bringing coast to coast  highlights Facebook style)

1. CNN reporting on President Obama talking about Jessica Simpson. I don’t care what the context, how out of the real meaning it was or wasn’t explained. Having the President mention in an interview that she’s (may or may not be) in (whatever sort of) weight battle—that’s hilarious! Sorry Jessica…

2. Califnoria prison inmates may get out of jail-JUST BECAUSE THE JAILS ARE TOO CROWDED!?! I am not cool with this at all!!


3. Nadya Suleman, mom to the 8babies-has royally pissed off her own mom! You know I’m not that surprised… If you hadn’t already heard about how the newborns mother already has six kids, isn’t married, and her kids are all the products of sperm donations from a buddy (a really good buddy I’d guess!), or that she lives with all her kids at her PARENTS HOUSE-then you have to read this about how peeved her mother is about her bringing 8 more kids into the world and into their cramped and kinda dirty, home.

4. Seven Pounds movie style organ donor recipients’ reunion. Darn-that kind of, pretty much, spoiled that movie for you…A Passaic County church in New Jersey was a reunion location this past Sunday for an interesting bunch. Five people who received organs from a 25-year-old shooting victim, met for the first time at the scene of their donors demise. The family members of Dennis John Malloosseril, who was shot and killed Nov. 23 when attempting to intervene during a violent marital dispute on church property, were joined at his memorial service by the people his heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and pancreas saved.

5.Chris Brown being charged with assault changes. I’m not saying I don’t believe it, it’s just really surprising him and Rihanna were messing up my Borders just a couple months ago so happily and to hear that he’s involved in an assault is just really shocking…And you think you know your customers (lol that’s a joke. Not funny? Okay never mind…)

6. Three guys. Biking from LA to Florida. (Thanks youtube-now my best friend is getting hailed on somewhere between here and San Diego and he totally missed Desperate Housewives!)

“After watching Zeitgiest Addendum and learning about The Venus Project, we were inspired to sell of our belongings, leave our comfortable apartments behind and head out on a bicycle trip from Los Angeles, California, to Venus, Florida. The concept is simple: if society transitioned from a monetary system to one that is resource based, every human being’s standard of living would be dramatically enhanced. As we travel to the doorstep of The Venus Project, we plan to tell as many people about this project as will listen. Venus, here we come!”


7. Ew.


Zipp Lamp by Camilla Waldal and Janne Helen Bulling

8. Shepard Fairey being arrested in Boston last Friday night on graffiti charges. Why we care? Because he’s the dude that created the famous red, white and blue Obama Hope poster-who the Associated Press is suing-and who he’s suing right back. Yeah…that guy…totally was inconveniently arrested on the way to debut an exhibit (so far Feb. is just not this month!)

9.  Cool.


Nottage Design.

10. Last week a kitty cam went viral. A kitty cam hosted by the non-profit animal organization called Found Aminals ( had crazy huge success with their online live kitten camera feed in promotion of their upcoming adoption availability.

Within days the Huffington Post and People Weekly Online came a knocking to talk up the live stream that was boasting more than several hundred active viewers at any given minute of the day. As cool as I think this is because one of my friends works for this non-profit I’ll tell you what I told her-cat people would be inside with their cats watching cats on the internet-dog people are outside with their DOG (hence why the puppy cam was not nearly as successful…)

11. Courage Campaign’s “Fidelity” video. Watch it. Fight the tears (it’s a very moving video!!) and hopefully join with them as I have in an important effort to fight the Supreme Court appeal by Ken Starr to divorce 18,000 California couples.

12. Google’s street view is kind of unsettling, but fascinating none the less. In artists in Pittsburg teamed up with Google and took to staging street view areas.

Now that’s awesome:

13. Thirteen is just as good a number as 25. So I’m randomly going to stop here. Gotta keep ’em coming back for more!

–Posted by Maggie Barnes


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