breakdown of the middle ground.

See no evil Barack Obama.


A political writer I’m not. An intrigued, curious, and newly inspired listener of politics I am.

Perhaps this theme subdivision isn’t as continuously showcased as are the other topics I write on are, but bipartisanship is no less a middle ground issue. The bifactor theme involves the coexisting of seemingly opposite factors and the uniting/clashing behavioral reactions that ensue.

Andrew Rosenthal, the editor of The Times’ Editorial, recently spoke to area Montclair, New Jersey residents (where he’s also a resident), and he criticized President Obama’s bipartisan effortsHe spends too much time trying to appear bipartisan and tries too hard to accommodate the Republicans.


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Hear no evil.


Bipolar disorder has gone mainstream ya’ll.

When this blog was first created we all discussed the lack of presence of availability on information regarding this disorder in the span of last year to the present. I can personally vouch for searching and finding in my local bookstore fewer than half a dozen books on the topic. The sections were all crowded with books discussing ADHD, Autism, OCD and what have you-but you’d think no one was bipolar.  Was it because few are diagnosed? No. Definitely not. On more than one occasion I’ve brought up the statistics. Maybe it does take looking in a Borders nowadays to put into perspective what I mean by bipolar being on the up and up and in your face.

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Speak no evil.


Speak no evil…riiiight…I’m going to say it. The B word. Bisexuality. You know its an underrepresented  conversation topic  because of misconceptions, disregard and disbelieve, and even though it’s getting a lot more verbal play these days its attached  to non-serious attention grabbing sexual behavior. If you act bi everyone wants you to be gay. The media picks on this and vomits their portrayal of bisexuality as reflections of societal attitudes. With the fact that I do engage in taking note of any and all portrayals of the topic, let me share what I’ve learned this week.

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Some People Just Don’t Understand

The workplace is an interesting environment when discussing racial identity. I’m sure at some point we’ve all worked with at least one person and been a little curious about their ethnic background. People don’t always look like the race they are, which I personally find fascinating. Everyone doesn’t think like me though. I love people!

Work is a place you’re already expected to always be on your p’s and q’s. There’s also a level of comfort one is expected to have within their work environment-or at best hope to have. Race can present an issue, and for plenty of people, unfortunately, it is. Because some people still don’t get it.

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