breakdown of the middle ground.

D.I.D formerly known as M.P.D and me talking about BIP…oh wait?

Spending the last two days catching up on the entire season of United States of Tara on Showtime, a show’s whose premise concerns a wife and mother with dissociative identity disorder (aka D.I.D formerly known as multiple personalities disorder), provoked continuous comparison thoughts of bipolar disorder. As a result, I’m writing the posting on the bipolar topic versus Eliza.

When the central character Tara (as portrayed by Toni Collette) is was experiencing her transitions it made me think of the dissociation or “out-of-body experience someone with bipolar disorder feels when she (or he) goes on a rage or she is in a deep depression.

AfterTara’s alters are present and she comes back to herself she usually has no recollection of what just happened or even what alter was present. These alternative personalities as her teenage children and husband continually remind themselves are not her. Yes they all inhabit the same body– this is why the husband doesn’t sleep with the alters, because they aren’t really his wife; this is why the daughter pleads with one of the alters to not get a “SLUT” tattoo because underneath it all it’s still her mom in there. All this it’s not her sounds familiar… Back when Eliza presented the mini series with the adult daughter of a bipolar mother—the woman said that too. “I have to remember that it’s not her.”

When I break down the dynamics of D.I.D, maybe the internal comparisons I have between these two mental disorders will be more apparent.


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  1. graywhisper says:

    I love that show, but I think it tries too hard to be ‘dysfunctional’. The mom’s disorder and self-struggle is interesting enough without the homosexual son or the too-angsty teenage daughter.

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