breakdown of the middle ground.

Now that’s what I call a double whammy of distinction!

One of my favorite things about interracial families is the instant arrival from birth that their children have into twice as much cultural and religious views and understandings. Actress Rashida Jones (maybe you recognize her from her role on TV’s The Office, or as the soon to be wife in the recent movie I Love You Man) she is the biracial Jewish daughter of music mogul Quincy Jones.

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Ms. Jones has described being biracial and Jewish as “a “double whammy” of a distinction that she has found challenging and liberating at different times in her life.”

Being raised in Los Angeles definitely can have its advantages in some ways I’ll agree, because everyone from everywhere lives out here.

My parents were kind of hippies and I went to a Montessori school [where] everyone had different religions and cultural backgrounds. I had Jewish friends, I had black friends, I had Asian friends. So it didn’t really occur to me that it was odd in any way,” she explains. “The differences, or the way people related to them, didn’t really strike me until college.”


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