breakdown of the middle ground.

How do you hear voices when you can’t hear?

Think about that. Everyone talks to themselves in their head, so it’s logical to assume a deaf person would do and same and essentially hear themselves. (Did you think maybe they did sign language in their thoughts as well!?)

So picture that you are deaf and you go to your doctor to try to communicate that you are hearing voices in your head–not yours, not Jesus, but some crazy nut job I don’t know who—and is wrecking havoc on your brain waves. That would be scary enough when you’re used to hearing outside voices. That’s gotta be a thousand times crazier to hear when you’ve never heard anything! A prelingually deaf individual, according to Wikipedia’s defination is someone who was born with insufficient hearing to acquire speech normally, or who lost their hearing prior to the age at which speech is acquired, would be such a person who’s pretty much never heard anything.

The other bad news is that if you’re hearing voices in your head you may be coming down with a mental illness. And by coming down with, I don’t mean—like the flu, because that certainly isn’t as easily curable.

That made me wonder what it might be like to have a mental illness—like bipolar for example!—and be deaf.


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