breakdown of the middle ground.

Gender blind meets blind-blind

So I’m watching this show the other night called “Dating in the Dark”. The premise of it is three guys, and three gals are put on opposite sides of a house, and they all go on a series of dates with each other in pitch dark rooms. Basically they’ve taken away their ability to see each other, forcing them to decide if they’d like to continue dating based on other factors. The concept is intriguing because it’s all about stripping away the immediate pretense of physical looks.

Truth be told though as superficial as we’d all like to say we are not, there is more than a certain degree of physical attraction involved when you first meet someone. How important looks are, and how much further you’re willing to continue, varies by the person, but it’s still a factor. You’d be lying to yourself to say it wasn’t. The great thing about beauty though is that everyone’s idea of it can be radically different, so potentially everyone should have hope.

But imagine that you are actually blind. Since birth (or if something caused it to go away) and your world is 100% in the dark. Unlike the participants on the show, who at the end are revealed physically to whom they’ve been getting to know; there is no luxury of getting the lights turned on for you. How do you then determine your physical attraction? Better yet, how do the blind go about meeting people to decide if they’d like to date them (other than friends and family set ups)?


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