breakdown of the middle ground.

Revealed!! How to date a bisexual!

I think it’s really amusing that wikihow has an article called “How to Date a Bisexual Person.” Why is this necessary?

Is there a how to date a straight person section?

How to date a gay person sub category?

Entire magazines and books and sections of bookstores cater to the concept of dating period, why this additional addition?

Do the same basic principles not apply? In America at least isn’t all that complicated…

So in this how to posting thing a mu-jig, its first explained that just like straight or gay people, the vast majority of bisexuals want a monogamous relationship. You’ll find in every sexual preference those into to the multi, or open, or swinger, or cheat-aholic lifestyle—but thanks for clarifying that bisexuals like committal relationships too. Whoever the smo is, the original bi person who ever that was, seems to me like their scandal filled behavior has put a tag on an entire orientation that can’t ever be shaken off. Darn.

Next up on this explanation agenda is the clairfacation that just because a bi person is coupled with or married to a particular sex—it doesn’t make them straight or gay, they’re still bi. This is a good note because since polygamy is not gonna be legal any time soon, the vast masses are going to have to have one gender at a time.

The next five rules to live by, apparently, include: being understanding of the gender feelings, respect their sexuality identity, enter into the relationship as you would normally, and lastly give them space—as in don’t keep asking them which gender they prefer.

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