breakdown of the middle ground.

Did he really just say he has piles and piles of black friends??

Blogger Melissa McEwan said it best in her posting today:

“I mean, last I checked, the furthest a biracial child could go in America was President.”

Which is worse? To say you’re not a racist (but totally act like one) or own up and just say what you are (no matter how crappy that may be)?

Today’s headline of the day came from Louisiana. Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell denied an interracial couple (white woman and a black man) a marriage ceremony. That’s been illegal pal since 1963! He claimed to be doing if for the children (they children they don’t even have planned yet!)… he believes that children of an interracial marriage will suffer socially.

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same symptoms, different races-maybe you’re not bipolar if you’re black?!

Dr. Cassandra L. Joubert has a new book out entitled, Losing Control: Loving a Black Child with Bipolar Disorder. What first caught my attention in this book is part of Dr. Ira Glovinsky’s foreword:

“Pediatric bipolar disorder manifests itself similarly in the African-American population to the way it does in the Caucasian population. The disease has no cultural boundaries. However… if an African-American child manifested the same symptoms as a Caucasian child, he or she would receive a different diagnosis and a different treatment. This is the clear danger of ignoring cross-cultural commonalities.
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