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She wonders why Obama married a black woman

Yesterday I came across a comment on an interracial message board that caught my attention.

Obama is not black so why did he marry a black woman? He is biracial and should have married a biracial woman. I refuse to ever marry a man who is not biracial. I am not dating any blacks or whites.
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Fence sitters not allowed

Are you scared to say you’re bi or something??

As I watched Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, I was surprised to hear seemingly open bisexual real estate agent, Madison, refer to himself as a “gay” man. This is first time I’ve ever heard him refer to himself as gay verses bisexual…Why does that seem to happen… people that identify as bisexual sometimes have no problem casually saying they are gay, but they don’t casually say they’re straight? And if they’re bisexual by definition shouldn’t they? (lol)

Furthermore, it seems like the race card’s former one drop rule, has resurfaced as something like the one kiss rule.

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