breakdown of the middle ground.

He was surprised that he liked me??

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m single. I’m doing my best to mingle! Presently I’m venturing the online dating route with feeble success rate. A handful of men caught my attention. I bring this up today because A. it’s national couple day today and I am in pursuit of coupledom, and B. these recent gentlemen instant message/emailers are not members of my race—therefore if we are to date, we would be an interracial or biracial couple. (Me black, him white)

Everything has been going along well with one particular online man-whom we’ll refer to as Ray (not really his name). I date a lot outside of my race (white, Latino, recently Asian, but my own black as well) because I date by personality not by ethnicity, and I was encouraged by the fact that this man who initiated contact with me had revealed a prior relationship with an Asian woman. So he’s open right?

Perhaps I was naive in my assumption with his comfort level regarding interracial dating. (But let me remind you—he started flirting with ME!! Not the other way around)


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