breakdown of the middle ground.

I pretty much stay away from my twin sister all through the fall months

The Maudsley Bipolar Twin Study, in association with the Institute of Psychiatry London, and the Mental Health Research Association; began in 2003, and is presently ongoing. The aim is to study the differences between those bipolar and those not to provide enhanced therapies based off increased understanding. Pairs of twins with and without the mood disorder ages 16-60 are involved.

A Finland based study, which began in 1998, and has since completed, screened all Finnish same sex twins born from 1940-1969 for bipolar type 1 disorder. (Twins were located through the national population register) The direction of this study was to test the correlation of seasonal mood changes in twins bipolar and not. One set of “healthy” twins (neither had the disorder) were the control. Out of 67 twins, 39 were bipolar with a mean age of 44, 20 were not and the mean age was 44, and the 8 that were bipolar also had another disorder were subsequently not apart of the further research.

Ten percent of all affective disorders, those “characterized by a consistent, pervasive alteration in mood, and affecting thoughts, emotions, and behaviors,” have shown a seasonal pattern of reoccurrence. Half of that ten percent are from depressive disorders, and the other half within the bipolar category.

The results of this particular Finnish study were many. The bipolar suffers reported higher levels of wellbeing on dry days, and recovered quicker from hospital stays when in sunny rooms- indicating a correlation of natural light and temperament state. Disruptions in sleep wake cycles tended to provoke manic episodes; and shorter periods of sleep coincided with depressive episodes. Bipolar insomnia patients were deemed more likely to have depressive states.

What I found most interesting was the fact that depressive episodes where most common in the autumn and winter seasons, and manic flashes during the summer and autumn. (What is going on in autumn that brings it all out??!)

“Have you ever really stopped to think of what it is like to be a twin?”

“It drives us both insane when we unknowingly cross each others lines…”

Since have twins been known to share a deeper connection and sense of shared feelings, I can only imagine what that must be like when one isn’t always mentally stable.

(Quotes are from an actual twin found ranting online)

–posted by Eliza Barnett


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