breakdown of the middle ground.

biFACTOR writer: Maddie’s scoop to boot

This is my part of the blog where I’m supposed to tell you about me. I write the bisexual posts here and on our twitter. Well here goes: I’m a people lover! I love people with BIG love going on! Now I’m not bisexual myself, maybe in a past life, but personally I’ve never gone beyond bi-experimental (so would that make me bi-curious? Hmmm) Who knows…?

Why do I write about bisexual topics then? Well I think bisexuals are sorta viewed as mythical creatures that don’t really exist. It’s interesting to explore. I have a very metaphysical outlook, and these kind of sexuals just happen to be my favorite. All my favorite people are bi!

I also love dogs and wine. I’m still in college, and having lots of fun with red hair dye!! I don’t really know what else to say…I like girl rock music, feminist’s magazines, and books about world history.

–bi for now!! Maddie


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