breakdown of the middle ground.

biFACTOR writer: Maggie’s beat on what’s neat

I’m a busy, busy gal, who lives life like a kaleidoscope—with a bunch of things going at once that’s always subject to change! My education is in journalism, and I live hustling and bustling in greater LA.

Everything is news to someone…I’m the biracial and bicoastal news blogger here, who reads and takes waaaay too many pictures. No I’m not biracial, but Maddie isn’t bisexual and Eliza’s not bipolar either! That doesn’t mean we can’t learn, share, and write does it? I didn’t think so… 🙂

I like watching movies and studying the progression of new media. This is my first post college writing gig, but it won’t be my last!!

Posted by Me. Maggie

(admit it, i kinda look cross eyed in this picture huh? i’m not i swear!! ahahahaha)


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