breakdown of the middle ground.

Why is Miley Cyrus dancing dressed as a bird and shaking it with a girl?

(yeah its just for a second, but it was a zoom in so its definitely there!)

Because it hints at something “chic”

Sigmund Freud really started the whole mass public sexuality conversation back in the 1920’s. In the United States that decade in particular was all about social experimentation. His theories suggested that “people would behave in any manner to satisfy sexual desire…”

Around the time the free love movement of the 1970’s was wrapping up, a new media-generated “wave” came about by means of a “faddish” attention regarding bisexuality. It became chic… As celebrities like David Bowie started coming out as bi, social interest came out too. The term bisexual chic suggests a level of public acknowledgement, while at the same time still falling short of a solid context of what it really means to live with bisexuality as an orientation.

It seems the larger the city, the more prevalent the nightlife scene is, and the more interested women are in enjoying sexual adventures. From the club to the bedroom, music makes you do crazy things…Just like then, the past few years have brought about another wave of taboo freedom, experimentation desires, and people getting in touch with both masculine and feminine sides. And take two, another burst of bisexual celebrity admissions as come forth. The likes of Fergie, Lady Gaga, Mika, Megan Fox, and Duncan James—just for starters! (Notice how a lot of the newly out bisexuals are singers?? Interesting…)


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for the delay

biFACTOR is undergoing some reconstruction and structure changes. We apologize for the lapse and the semi continual delay in new postings. We will be back with an exciting new direction soon! Please stay tuned and keep checking back!!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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Let’s talk about sex.

Today folks we’re going to be talking about hypersexuality.

Can you say “hyper-sexuality”

Lets talk about sex baby.

Lets talk about all the good things,

and the bad things that may be.

Lets talk about sex.

The Webster definition of hypersexuality is defined as “unusually or excessively interested in or concerned with sexual activity.” Hypersexuality is a common symptom of hypomania or mania in a person who is having stages of bipolar disorder. It can be present in adults and children.

In the bipolar child newsletter doctors have discussed this particularly unsettling youth behavior. This behavior is typically under discussed because bipolar or not, you don’t talk about sexuality regarding children in public. (admit it, you’re kind of uncomfortable having just read that…)

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Today the President Elect offically became the President. What else is there to talk about??! Today this is all my friends 🙂 Let celebration the parties begin…

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It’s all my fault

Hello!!!!!!!!!! Eliza here, with some BiFACTOR news. We’re going to be doing a bit of restructuring and I wanted to give everyone a heads up! We want to keep with our “biweekly” theme of postings, but because of scheduling craziness—we’re going to change it. Instead of the usual each of us posting together twice a week, we’re going to try out posting sometimes on separate days. So each of us will still make posts twice a week, but the days won’t seem as spread out. We’ll see how that works. I for one am a big factor in this because I’m working on several things related to our bipolar series that are really interesting, and I missed the last deadline— I don’t want to hold the other ladies back any longer! Everyone hang in there and keep checking back please!

In the meantime, I’m offering up a profile of sorts on the bloggers here at BiFACTOR to tide you over.

Who is Maddie Banks? She’s the reality show fanatic, who hails from an oversized family and BiFACTOR’s driving force on bisexual news. A people person who does on occasion herself, look both ways…When not in zoning out to all things meta-physical related, she freelance dog walks. “There are alotta dogs that need alotta walking–so don’t knock it folks!”

I’m Eliza Barnett, the resident “firecracker who makes it hot!” (Just kidding—why I’m writing this while listening to Britney Spears’ new song I don’t know…) On a serious tip, I’m a budding interior decorator, (and by budding I mean I’m making plans to go to design school) I’m a redhead with brunette tendencies who loves real life medical and psychological dramas—so it didn’t take lighting striking for me to jump on board to cover the bipolar beat. I’d like to thank my former roommate who was the science major that opened my eyes…

That leaves Maggie Barnes, the Midwestern California transplant. A reader and writer by trade, her days are filled working around books and their authors, celebrity loonies and gazing fondly at her recently completed journalism degree. This NPR junkie is too busy uploading her IPOD with podcasts to give me anymore random tidbits…thanks Maggie…lol

–Eliza Barnett

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