breakdown of the middle ground.

Black or White


As the world continues to mourn the death of the King of Pop, the legendary Michael Jackson; I feel like I’m discovering him again for the first time. I’m crying, I’m relearning, I’m remembering, and I’m celebrating the entertainer, the influence, and the extraordinary person that was, and forever will be Michael Jackson.

I’m highlighting him today, not only because he’s been pretty much the only thing on my mind since his passing, but because when you think of him you don’t think of color lines and neither did he. He may have been quite possibly the most famous and admired person on the face of the planet. By all colors, races, and creeds of people. And as disturbing and confusing as it was to some, the issue of his own skin tone-a result of a skin disease- I find it so amazing that as a victim of this lesser known disease, he himself became a physical reflection of being black, and essentially white–while not even being biracial himself.

As he got lighter and lighter, the world didn’t shy away from him, they embraced him for this talent and genius. I write about those that are biracial, the products of interracial love, because it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, (or both 🙂 ) or whatever the combination may be. Everyone should be celebrated! Michael got this. This is just one of the long list of things that he “got” and understood. I thank him for the presence and force that he was, and will always remain to be, even though he is no longer with us. I love you Michael. MJ forever.


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Let’s talk about sex.

Today folks we’re going to be talking about hypersexuality.

Can you say “hyper-sexuality”

Lets talk about sex baby.

Lets talk about all the good things,

and the bad things that may be.

Lets talk about sex.

The Webster definition of hypersexuality is defined as “unusually or excessively interested in or concerned with sexual activity.” Hypersexuality is a common symptom of hypomania or mania in a person who is having stages of bipolar disorder. It can be present in adults and children.

In the bipolar child newsletter doctors have discussed this particularly unsettling youth behavior. This behavior is typically under discussed because bipolar or not, you don’t talk about sexuality regarding children in public. (admit it, you’re kind of uncomfortable having just read that…)

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Now that’s what I call a double whammy of distinction!

One of my favorite things about interracial families is the instant arrival from birth that their children have into twice as much cultural and religious views and understandings. Actress Rashida Jones (maybe you recognize her from her role on TV’s The Office, or as the soon to be wife in the recent movie I Love You Man) she is the biracial Jewish daughter of music mogul Quincy Jones.

For the full article the quotes are derived from click here.

Ms. Jones has described being biracial and Jewish as “a “double whammy” of a distinction that she has found challenging and liberating at different times in her life.”

Being raised in Los Angeles definitely can have its advantages in some ways I’ll agree, because everyone from everywhere lives out here.

My parents were kind of hippies and I went to a Montessori school [where] everyone had different religions and cultural backgrounds. I had Jewish friends, I had black friends, I had Asian friends. So it didn’t really occur to me that it was odd in any way,” she explains. “The differences, or the way people related to them, didn’t really strike me until college.”

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To be or not to be? That is my favorite question.

I loooove yahoo answers! Have you ever used it? I’ve used it like twice. No matter what the question, what time it is when you submit it—you just ask and within minutes it seems like, all these random people give you their honest feedback. Very cool. Sometimes I cruise the questions other people have previously asked,  a few particular questions  and answers jumped out at me.

To be biSEXUALLY active or not to be?

Q: I know the Christian Bible says that “Homosexuals shall not see the gates of heaven” but what about bisexuals? What about women bisexuals that think of the same sex but have never done anything with them?

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